Camera that

Sometimes it is impossible to know from the surface what is going on below the ground. You can see boggy areas or a back flow in your drains but no obvious cause. That’s where a camera comes in handy. 

The colour drain inspection camera is portable and has a long corded lense so it can see all those places you can’t. 

It’s great for finding cracked and broken pipes and tree roots. It’s also good for generally mapping out where your drains are located.   It can be peace of mind when you are buying a property – and save you from potentially being lumped with a $15,000 bill to repair your drains a month after moving in. This happens more often than you think. 

Gas pipes

Following on from last week’s blog about what not to flush, we thought we’d share with you two photos of another avoidable blockage. Both pipes were damaged after a gas pipeline was thrust through them.

The photo below looks clean but the gas line caused a major backup in the drain. The blockage was located using our CCTV camera. 

This next photo shows how the gas pipeline shattered the drain. 

The best way to avoid this is to make sure you know exactly where on your property your drains are laid. 

What not to flush

Surprisingly it’s not just poos, wees and toilet paper that get flushed down the toilet. On a regular basis, the boys come across items that have made their way down the porcelain bowl which shouldn’t have been anywhere near the toilet in the first place. Flushing that junk can cause some serious and expensive problems. 

Just this week Kevin pulled out these from a drain:

On closer inspection:

So our top five list for what not to flush:

1. Paper towels

2. Wet wipes

3. Undies

4. Clothing

5. Food or cooking waste