Biodegradable wipes are not toilet paper

Biodegradable wipes sound like a good idea. In theory. The makers of those wipes claim they are “flushable” – meaning that you can drop them in the dunny, press the flush button and they’re gone. Out of sight and out of mind. Right?! Wrong.

The wipes often snag, and then bunch together in the pipes further down.

Those supposed biodegradable wipes were pulled from a blocked sewer pipe at a Lower Hutt property this week.

Wipes pulled from drain

The tenant had only started using those wipes two months before – so it shows how quickly things can back up!¬† It took Kevin 4 hours to unblock the drain….meaning a hefty bill for the landlord.

So our message is stop using them! Or if you do, do not put wipes, whether they are biodegradable or not, down your toilet. They will not break down like toilet paper. That goes for sanitary products as well.

If you have concerns or questions feel free to give either Marty or Kevin a call. It is much better to have free-flowing drains, than any back-up causing a stink.

Unblock your drains in 1 easy step