Track & Wheel magazine article

This time last year we decided it was time to upgrade our drain clearing truck. It was well past its use-by-date and was draining money.

After asking around some of our friends with trucks we were referred to Brian McDermott at CablePrice. Brian is an Isuzu Sales Specialist based in Lower Hutt and after talking with him the result was a brand new Isuzu NLR250M. We then headed to Hale Motorbodies to get a box custom built and to Signwork for the signwriting.

New Drain Clearing Truck
Isuzu NLR250M


Box built by Hale

Our purchase caught the attention of the industry magazine Track & Wheel who produced a feature on our truck in their Summer 2017/18 edition titled “Jack of All Trades.”

You can read that edition online here:

Or check out some pictures here:

Page 35
Track & Wheel magazine
Cover Girl
Track & Wheel cover
Up close
Track & Wheel magazine

We cannot speak more highly of CablePrice for the truck and their service. Thanks for the mention in your magazine!