We don’t have a review section on this website but we are happy to include them! Often we receive verbal reviews and the occasional one is emailed to us. So I’ll start this post with a look to updating it regularly with comments on our service.


I just wanted to say how fantastically awesome the service is!

I called Marty this morning after reading great reviews online about the service. They are fully justified. Within half an hour of me calling he was here unblocking my toilet  in foul weather too. With great advice  and friendly to boot. Absolutely happy, and will recommend to anyone who needs drainage services.

Thank you, and kind regards 

Belinda Hughes. 

Tree Roots Growing Where They Shouldn’t Be

This video was taken earlier this month and is a very good example of how devastating tree roots can be in stormwater and sewer systems.

Tree roots often enter systems as a way of searching out water, and break through joints or direct through the pipe.  This system will have to be dug out and replaced.

CCTV is a good way of seeing what is happening under ground, and why your system could be blocking up.