Driving the wrong way

We were on a job recently at a Wellington playcentre and found a toy in a place it shouldn’t be. A car driving the wrong way down a drain causing a blockage.


Children love putting things down holes and drains. We often come across all sorts of weird and wonderful things in drains. 


Unfortunately this drain will have to be dug up to remove the toy, otherwise it will continue to cause blockages. 

Toy car stuck in the drain at a Wellington playcentre
Toy car stuck down the drain


We don’t have a review section on this website but we are happy to include them! Often we receive verbal reviews and the occasional one is emailed to us. So I’ll start this post with a look to updating it regularly with comments on our service.


I just wanted to say how fantastically awesome the service is!

I called Marty this morning after reading great reviews online about the service. They are fully justified. Within half an hour of me calling he was here unblocking my toilet  in foul weather too. With great advice  and friendly to boot. Absolutely happy, and will recommend to anyone who needs drainage services.

Thank you, and kind regards 

Belinda Hughes. 

Tree Roots Growing Where They Shouldn’t Be

This video was taken earlier this month and is a very good example of how devastating tree roots can be in stormwater and sewer systems.

Tree roots often enter systems as a way of searching out water, and break through joints or direct through the pipe.  This system will have to be dug out and replaced.

CCTV is a good way of seeing what is happening under ground, and why your system could be blocking up.


Note of appreciation

We recently received this lovely note of appreciation from a customer.


“Marty at Leslie Drain Clearing is a top guy and knows drains in and out! He’s professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He went over and above what I expected in supporting us sort a blocked toilet… first day he cleared drains but no change but identified problem, so then I had to call in a plumber whose go to plan was to take the whole toilet out!! I contacted Marty so he could tell plumber where he’d seen the blockage.. Marty said he’d come by property to show plumber….he not only showed the plumber but he pretty much was able to move the pipe and fish out the offending plastic fragrance holder that had been flushed down plus assist plumber to fix pipe. Marty was just so nice and helpful and saved me a pile of money frankly.. he didn’t need to turn up and help but he did… and I really appreciated his support. You’re my go to Drain guy now. Thank you and can’t recommend you guys highly enough.”
Mishi Berecz.


Thank you Mishi! It is nice to receive such lovely feedback and it is why Marty likes to go the extra mile.

Ka kite ano.

Marty on the job

Merry Christmas!

Leslie Drain Clearing would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.

Marty will be on call throughout the holiday period – so if your drains need unblocking or to be repaired please don’t hesitate to phone him.

All the best,
The staff at Leslie Drain Clearing x


Track & Wheel magazine article

This time last year we decided it was time to upgrade our drain clearing truck. It was well past its use-by-date and was draining money.

After asking around some of our friends with trucks we were referred to Brian McDermott at CablePrice. Brian is an Isuzu Sales Specialist based in Lower Hutt and after talking with him the result was a brand new Isuzu NLR250M. We then headed to Hale Motorbodies to get a box custom built and to Signwork for the signwriting.

New Drain Clearing Truck
Isuzu NLR250M


Box built by Hale

Our purchase caught the attention of the industry magazine Track & Wheel who produced a feature on our truck in their Summer 2017/18 edition titled “Jack of All Trades.”

You can read that edition online here:


Or check out some pictures here:

Page 35
Track & Wheel magazine

Cover Girl
Track & Wheel cover

Up close
Track & Wheel magazine

We cannot speak more highly of CablePrice for the truck and their service. Thanks for the mention in your magazine!



When you receive feedback this good it is a crime not to share it!


“I had a serious drain blockage at my  property. The blockage was a collapsed  storm water drain over 3 metres below ground level.
After discussions with several drainage contractors, I contacted Kevin Kelly of  LESLIE DRAIN CLEARING. Kevin quickly  impressed me with his helpful & friendly manner, & because of the difficult nature of the job, I felt confident in engaging Leslie Drains with Kevin project managing the repairs.
Everything worked out well ie the job was completed in the time frame that Kevin gave to me, all the staff & subcontractors were friendly & nice to talk too.
To conclude I would strongly recommend Leslie Drains for ALL types of drain blockage problems”
Signed Dervan 12 September 2017

Thanks Kevin for the awesome work!

On the job
Kevin Kelly








Also thanks to Dervan Kelly for his lovely feedback and recommendation. “We are really happy you are pleased with our work and that your stormwater system is now working perfectly,” said Marty Leslie.

For more information or to obtain a quote please contact Home of Leslie Drain Clearing

Get those drains in order this winter

Now that the temperatures have dropped and winter has well and truly arrived, it’s time for a friendly reminder to check the health of your drains.

Winter maintenance is crucial to stop the weather from blocking, flooding or bursting your pipes, avoiding you costly repairs.

Cleaning your drains

The cold winter weather can cause any traces of grease, oil or fat inside your drains to harden, so pouring boiling or hot water down them can help remove any minor blockages before they become a larger, expensive problem.

There are lots of store-bought drain cleaning products that can be used, however they are often full of nasty chemicals and can do more harm than good. The best course of action is to contact a drainage expert who can carry out a jet blast of your drains to get them flowing properly. No chemicals needed!

Blasting out the stormwater system

Tree roots

Trees are another important thing to keep on top of in winter. Before you know it it will be spring and they will start growing like mad again.

Tree roots, particularly on properties in the Hutt Valley, are one of the top causes of pipe breakages. Their roots naturally grow toward sewer lines because of the water, nutrients and oxygen they hold. When a root finds a leak, it will quickly grow into the pipe and inhibit the flow of waste, causing blockages, broken pipes and other serious headaches.

Tree roots infecting a drain

Leslie Drain Clearing has an electric eel that is good for snipping away any offending roots, nipping them in the bud, so to speak, before they cause any problems. If you think you have any trees planted near your drains then we’d highly recommend you consider this! It’s way cheaper to send the eel down than it is to have to dig up pipes and replace them.

Clearing gutters and picking up leaves

Most trees should have dropped their leaves by now – though in saying that – we have a few fruit trees at home that are still holding on to theirs! But anyway, while leaves don’t generally cause big issues in drains, they can when in excess where they group and block the flow of water. An easy fix is to clear them from any drain entry points – including gutters.

Happy winter and give us a call if you have any questions! Unblock your drains in 1 easy step


Fatbergs clogging drains

Creating Fatbergs

I came across this article and thought I’d share it with you. The Daily Mail probably isn’t your most go-to news website. But it does have some nice human interest pieces – including this one! I love particularly its use of “fatbergs”. A great way to describe some of those typical kitchen drain blockages.


Fatbergs – congealed fat which clumps together with other waste products to form solid blocks – are becoming increasingly problematic in sewers across the UK, particularly in London.

Among the most common causes of drain blockages are make-up and nappy wipes, fat and grease, chewing gum, dental floss, plasters and building debris.”

Kitchen sink

Most of the stuff that people try to put down the sink could easily be composted or recycled. For example, coffee grounds and egg shells could be spread on your garden or in your worm farm – as plants and worms love the nutrients they add!

Have a good week!

Safety Comes First

Even though it has been raining, alot, over the past couple of weeks we’ve still managed to do a couple of big drain repair jobs. The rain can be a pain sometimes in making these jobs messier than necessary. 

Whether the repair work is being carried out inside a private property, or encroaches on public land, it is crucial that safety comes first. In all cases bright orange cones come in handy.

We also often get asked by clients who is responsible for fixing different drains and I thought this link to the Wellington City Council may help:


It points out the difference between which drains are the property owner’s responsibility and which are the council’s. However, we are always happy to come and take a look and assist in anyway. 

Have a great weekend everyone and here’s hoping the rain stays away!!!!